gtavGrand Theft Auto V is now available for just five platforms and recorded its place in history. Regardless of my opinion – as well as yours, unfortunately – the game turned out to be extremely profitable as a whole has been very, very good. If you are among those who believe it is deserved, then this, of course, there is nothing wrong. Rockstar once again raised the bar for what we expect from a game with an open world as technical performance, real gameplay and variety. For this there is no dispute. We also paid tribute to GTA V in our first review, which was strongly positive.

On the other hand, not everything is perfect in the gangster epic Rockstar. Therefore, without being disrespectful to the work of the company and the feelings of its fans, I wish to share my second and very personal look at what exactly prevents GTA V to be adorned with the highest laurels.

There is no dispute that the game is very extensive, but it is hidden and its greatest weakness. Gaps in almost every way – from gameplay to satirical presentation of life in the twisted version of Los Angeles. Without being exhaustive, here’s what impressed me me personally.

Technically, the game is pretty drive. Jump too. There are no shortcuts, so each mission required to get to the point of beginning. Some of the trips are quite long and exist only to justify another monologue or dialogue. When you finally start the mission is not always clear what exactly are its rules. Some tasks will succeed only if you perform a specific action at a specific time and will be reporting failure if you miss. Concurrent accumulation of dialogue and text with regard to the mission structure also distracted unnecessarily. If you do not pay attention to what you need, you’ll just miss important information or what is required of you. Despite the diversity of missions in the campaign – for filling around them will be discussed a little more down – still quite missions boil down to simple tasks such as “Kill the bad guys.” Lack of sufficient creative thought which used appropriately undisputed technical potential. Fortunately, online mode is extremely rugged and creates preconditions for a lasting game. However, that is as slick graphics, the PC version does not provide as much of additions and improvements to justify the long wait. Keeping a lot of vision and want to fully exploit its powerful configuration, this is the version you need. Beyond that, however, this game is not much different from the game that PS3 and XBOX360 gamers were so long ago. Finally, a system of concealment is not very good, but ultimately the practice shows that it works with most objects of the game world, so it’s relatively easy to forgive fact.