Game of Thrones E3:The sword in the darknes

According to me, the success of a product depends on how the evaluating it (the viewer, the reader, the player) is intrigued by the fate of the characters and the story, as well as the reliability of the constructed world. It is extremely important to be able to dive into a work to the extent that it woke some feelings in you. In this respect, “Game of Thrones” is controversial work – as I love her, and I hate her so much.

In the third episode, this feeling is even more widely practiced. I have always hated to feel helpless in a game. While reading the books or watching the show, I have no control over events and can only be an observer. But I hoped that while playing the game, I can positively affect the fates of the characters. However, in the spirit of the originator offspring of Telltale Games loves to play with your feelings. Just when you think you’ve won a small victory, the game mercilessly you flick through the legs to put you on your knees and you know who’s boss. And here comes the feeling of helplessness. Not like a survival horror where you can still find a way to deal with the enemy. No, in the world of Westeros watch helplessly as the enemy treads your character and you can not do anything to stop it (unless you want even worse consequences). But hence my love for the game – makes me angry at pixelated characters to such an extent that foretaste of delight future revenge. Or at least I hope to get to it. As in the series, the main factor is the wait – how will you know if you made the right decision until the next episode or until the end of the season.

Here we see the complete construction of the foundations for the remaining three episodes and the story in them. Third episode touches on key moments in the books / show and understand how they affect the side characters and not so important as Forrester homes. Namely past game pressuring you to choose a strategy with the characters and stick to it. Each choice can be life and death, and ultimately lead to the destruction of the house Forrester. Tensions rose to its highest point so far and promises even more powerful moments in the future.

Really solid storyline from this episode introduces us to a finished plan of heroes to save the family Forrester. True, slightly insecure and dependent on many variables, but still not a bad plan. I thought that was paid plenty of attention to Mira and Gared, but this is not a minus because their storylines are some of the most interesting. Even more intriguing is the fact that they are totally opposite – Gared its way with the sword and Peace still have to use your head and be careful what he says and to whom. A key factor in both, however, is trust – be careful who you trust (and what you should shared). Secrets have a great power and it is very important who holds it.

Undoubtedly, the “Sword in the Dark” is the best episode so far, but expect that to change. Slightly sluggish action and behind the scenes in the previous two games will give way to openly hostile moves and (hopefully) long overdue justice. But do not forget that each of the main characters has an important role in the game of thrones – the loss of one can mean losing everything achieved with others.