Project CARS

Developed by British studio Slightly Mad Studios, Project CARS promises to be the most realistic simulator on the market in a niche, is experiencing a real renaissance in recent years. This is a serious ambition, but at least now the game goes ahead confidently and aside from the already mentioned delays, has all chances to prove title, which many expect and want.

The overall idea of ​​Project CARS is to make you sympathetic to all realities and challenges in the life of a professional racer. The game tries to present this feeling in the most realistic manner, starting from tips on how to deal with a corner, right up to the qualifying laps and the intricacies of the race.

The game tries to distinguish itself from other similar titles with open approach to racing. From the outset, all cars will be available for players and only depends on them with what will want to have fun. No locked models, no artificial walls and obstacles; if you want to karting, you can do it if you want to jump directly to high-speed races like the 24 Hours of Le Mans, also no obstacle. The only thing you’ll have to handle is the murderous competition and dynamic weather conditions that can change at any time.

In Project CARS have available cars from around 70 manufacturers, which is not as much as you can find in games like Gran Turismo or Forza, but with the exception of several exotic models, all others are typical racing cars, which means that the game clearly puts the focus exactly on that. In other words, you will not have the opportunity to drive the buggy on the moon in the latest edition of Gran Turismo, but will be able to compete on dozens of the most popular tracks around the world.

They are total 52 in number and offer racing from point A to point B, and tours. The majority of the tracks are reproduced extremely reliable and the game manages to reproduce all the features of the terrain quite realistic. No illusions – this is extremely simulation experience and management will surely take some time to get used to. Preferably, of course, is using the steering wheel, but the game’s creators promise that will control the final touches to the maximum, so there is no “worse” configuration and management method. Each discipline in the game is a serious simulation itself. Even with all the help of artificial intelligence, management remains challenging, and if you turn it off, the game gives yin rich simulation, which is rare on a computer or console.

Particularly impressive is the camera that shows you the world through the eyes of the driver himself. If you watch carefully the small nuances in the “eyes” will even be able to feel the best line and maneuvers are supposed to do. For example, when approaching a turn, the look will automatically slide along the path to which you should aim. Considering realistic wear on the track – mechanics that explosive series MotorStorm neat to perfection in off-road racing – ideal path plays a very important role. The first few laps can forgive you, but soon any more serious abnormalities guarantee problems.

In the fight for the top place on the podium can also participate to 39 players, which is quite a serious figure. A shorter and slower track, it leads to quite aggressive and dangerous situations. If you choose to deepen, may further adjust the time of day and weather effects that accompany the race, including and set a series of abrupt changes in the course of a race that game plays perfectly. Particularly impressive is the rain – the incredible small parts on the car and the track significantly more difficult driving. It is no exaggeration to say that never before in the rain is not a racer looks and sounds better.

Outside the gameplay itself, Project CARS is interesting and that its development was funded in part with the support of an enthusiastic community auto fans, and that work on the game involved several professional racing drivers.

To be objective, we can highlight some shortcomings that make an impression at this stage. On the one hand, a game created with so much love for higher speeds undoubtedly unpleasant impression makes the absence of brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Porsche. Modern cars of Formula 1 and GP2 are mostly fictional, as Codemasters holds gaming rights to F1. Omissions and slopes – Le Mans is here, but no realistic supplements along as sponsors for example, and the famous Nurburgring track is called Ayfelvald. Yes, Pro Eolution Soccer is not the only game that has problems with the licenses.

At this stage Project CARS looks very impressive – from powerful graphics to a certain simulation control everything in it creates the impression of a well-polished product. More conservative gamers will probably wrinkling their noses at the concept of completely open game, as you will not experience the pleasure of the struggle to unlock better models and runs. On the other hand, it’s what makes Project CARS so different from most Racers now.